Hi, We’re &LIVY

Rhode Island gave the world coffee milk, captivating coastlines… and, ahem, us — &LIVY. Birthed and beautified in the world's jewelry capital, we specialize in American-made, eco-friendly jewelry designed to evolve with you.

From memories to major moments, mishaps, milestones, and all the times in between, our innovative jewelry is as unique as you are.

Adjustable to fit not just every body, but every experience, memory, and intention. This isn’t something you wear. It’s something you experience — a celebration of every facet of life and of you.

Each piece is also like an earth-hug in shiny form. We use eco-friendly processes and recycled materials that make our pieces hypoallergenic, tarnish-resistant, sustainable, and free from anything you wouldn’t want on your skin (like nickel).

It’s an experience, an intention-setting tool adjustable for each unique chapter of your story. Whether you're 18 or 85, having a fleeting moment or building a lasting memory, &LIVY is here to be with you, cheering you on, saying, “Life is weird, and you’re making it wonderful.”

Who is Livy, you ask?

Here’s the story:

Carolyn Rafaelian, our visionary founder, transformed a family legacy into a global phenomenon….and she’s doing it again. &LIVY is a celebration of her impact, her journey, and most importantly, her third daughter, Alivia, or as we love to call her, LIVY. 

Like our jewelry, Livy is also really cool. She loves upcycled denim jackets, her cat Junie, and reading people to filth in the most deadpan way possible. We love Livy!